Jim Knipfel, Coney Island

Unearthed a bunch of old polaroids. Liking this one of Jim Knipfel. At least that's the name written on the back. captured in front of the Cyclone ride at Coney Island during a Tattoo & Body-Piercing Contest, mid-late 90s.  After researching him... winds up he's an accomplished writer... was Editor of infamous 'NY Press' will be reaching out him soon, see if he remembers this magical moment. 


Rockin Venice Beach CA

Had a couple of days off in Venice Beach CA last month.met 3 cool guys from Jersey (their band Tropical Nasty) and friends. decided to help them out, shot this music video for their original tune "Slipped Away" what a great way to spend vacation, meeting locals, filming the scene.

Working with a Super Bowl Legend

15 years ago the E*Trade Chimp was on a press-tour to promote his upcoming Super Bowl ad (years later CIO Magazine would vote it "one of the 10 Best Commercials of All-Time"). He was kind of a big deal. His name was Jonah. The plan was to shoot in AdWeek's offices, but at the last minute security wouldn't let a chimpanzee in the building, something about insurance. They told us at the loading dock (that's often how we enter buildings with our equipment). Looking around I noticed a nearby fire hydrant//thought it would add character.and Jonah could lean on it, sit on it, etc. We quickly set up battery-powered strobes which worked super given the contrasty light in lower Manhattan. Shooting on location requires thinking on your feet and being open to new ideas... but above all you must be prepared. I got along pretty well with Jonah the E*Trade Chimp at least I think so, he wouldn't stop hugging me. Jan. 28, 2002 AdWeek tear sheet. 

No wonder he liked me.. maybe Jonah thought I was his Dad. lol//yikes 

No wonder he liked me.. maybe Jonah thought I was his Dad. lol//yikes 

Toxic Avenger Filmmaker Lloyd Kaufman

photographed in the basement of Troma Building in Queens, NY.  I look up to him, and have learned a lot from him. I met him at a book talk/signing asked if I could photograph him. He gave me a tour of his building, was very kind and generous.  I returned days later with a "toxic green" background for a more classic portrait. 

Abraham Lincoln Visit

Lookalike Bill Warren visited Putnam County we went to some of the local spots including favorite restaurant George's Place. Visit his website at http://AbeLincolnNYC.com

Laying Down on the Job

Since Amit's book took a satirical look at the financial world, I thought the prop magnifying glass image could actually work.  No photoshop or green screen for a unique perspective I laid-down on sidewalk at 6th Ave/48th Street NYC.  Editorial portrait assignment author Amit Chatwani for BusinessWeek.