Personal Presentation and Attitude (10 minutes)


Room and Table Set-up (20 minutes)

Explain process

Distribute handouts (place setting diagram, floor plan, sample BEOs)

Watch video

Break into teams

Each team sets one table

Trainer and self-critique


Beverage Service (20 minutes)


Break for snack (20 minutes)


How to Carry 3 x Plates (20 minutes)

Clearing Procedures and Table Maintenance (20 minutes)

Types of Service (40 minutes)

  • Trainers demonstrate and explain
  • Trainees practice with HOT Plates
    • Sweep
    • Timed / Synchronized Sweep
    • Tray Service
    • French Service (Basic understanding only)

Questions and Answers / Conclusion

Get your uniforms and server tools

Complete administration requirements and know how to Log on to StaffMate

Make sure you fully understand how StaffMate works and its capabilities


HAND WINE KEY AND CRUMBER AT COMPLETION---YOU are now a trained catering professional!

Thank you for coming and have a great day!