At Your Service was founded in 1984, by Mark Casaburi. It all started in the Hamptons with three employees with the single premise to provide highly trained, highly presentable, top-quality bartenders and servers for the type of clientele that expect nothing but the best. Today, with over 2,000 employees and 5 offices across the northeast, the unwavering philosophy behind everything that we do is still summed up by the simple phrase, Attitude is Everything.” 



Trainer great story of a personal service moment experienced at AYS


The AYS Difference

1. Focus

We specialize in “Front of House” hospitality staffing. We don’t try to be all things to all clients. We only recruit, train, and manage high-end bartenders, servers and Captains. 

2. Training

Comprehensive training means that we always provide high quality professional staff that is experienced and knowledgeable.  

3. Management 

We custom select the right staff for a particular type of event, to help our clients navigate the twists and turns on the day of the event, our management team is the best in the business and become an extension of our clients’ team. 

4. Technology

We leverage state-of-the art technology to communicate, book our staff, and help our clients execute their events.


About At Your Service (AYS) 

AYS is headquartered in Sayville, NY with offices in

New York City, Long Island, Boston, Baltimore, and Washington, DC. 


Important Contact Information

Your main contacts are Justin Ferremi & Greg Droppers, who can be reached at 571-384-7946 or Be mindful that any emails to this email address also go to other people, including the owner.


The emergency contact phone number is (646) 584-3551.

The fax number is (631) 563-2477.


About This Training Program

This training program will focus on personal presentation and the fundamental server skills that will help you find success at AYS.  We will watch the videos that you were required to study prior to this training and then practice these skills until they have been mastered.


Fundamental Server Skills include: 

Personal Presentation and ATTITUDE

Room and Table Set-up 

Beverage Service

How to carry 3 x Plates and Serving Guests

Clearing Procedures and Table Maintenance

Types of Service


Timed / Synchronized Sweep

Tray Service

French Service Basics


It is imperative that all new team members diligently practice the skills learned with friends and family until they are comfortable that they have mastered the respective skills and are ready to impress our discriminating clientele.


Perfect Practice Makes Perfect