Screening Guidelines - Servers and Bartenders

Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the (AYS) At Your Service team.

We do have several prerequisites for prospective staff members. This list will help us all determine if we will be a good fit working together. You must have your own computer and a cell phone that accepts text messages. This is because you will be expected to update your availability on our scheduling website on a weekly basis and communicate via our guidelines. 

We require all candidates to come to our orientation and training on your own time If you are a bartender with three or more years of experience, you must attend our advanced bartender training course in addition to both the orientation and the food server training. We do not guarantee that anyone will work only as a server or a bartender – we do what is required to make our clients and guests happy.

You must be able to commit to working at least 3 Saturdays per month. 

You must have reliable transportation. It will be your responsibility to get yourself to and from every event that you work. This may prove to be very challenging for those who rely on public transportation, as in some markets many of our events are not Metro accessible. 

Fundamental Personal Appearance and Hygiene guidelines are as follows: 

Freshly bathed 

Clean hands and nails

Clean, pressed uniforms 

Natural colored hair 

No facial piercings 

No visible tattoos 

Light pleasant cologne or perfume 

MEN: Hair must be cut above the collar, no earrings. You should be clean shaven. Some of our clients will not allow you to have any facial hair at all. 

WOMEN: Fingernails, if painted, must be a natural color (pink, clear or French only). Your hair must be tied back while you are working. 

ALL:Our business is very seasonal. The seasons change based on your geographical location. During the busy times we need a solid commitment from you. You will need to be available to work at least 3 Saturdays a month. In Manhattan, the peak days are Wednesdays and Thursdays and a similar commitment is required. 

If these requirements are acceptable to you, please complete the online Application Form in its entirety and email it to us. You must be able to legally work in the USA and will be required to present your Driver’s License and Social Security Card. 

Please note that for your protection and the protection of the company, we do an extensive employment background check on all potential new hire candidates.

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. One of our supervisors will be calling you to schedule your orientation and training date. Thank you for your interest in AT YOUR SERVICE!