Set-up Requirements for “Hands-on” Training

Inventory of all service related equipment

  • Pre-stage at location


Presentation Equipment

  1. Projector
  2. Table or Stand for Projector
  3. Portable Screen - Large
  4. Lap Top Computer
  • Training Notes
  • DVD on Banquet Service
  • Wires, Extension cord, Surge protector
  • Easel / Flip Chart / Markers


Room diagram

Create a “mock menu” to determine place setting requirements

  1. Table top diagram/ Sample place setting
  2. Show a different Napkin Fold for each table

Allocate equipment per the menu for a 3-course seated Dinner

Stage equipment separately

  1. Tables, Chairs, Side Stations
  2. Linens, Napkins, Hand Protectors
  3. China, Glassware, Silverware, Utensils
  4. Soup Tureens/ Ladles, French Service Platters
  5. Tray Stands, Trays, Plates, Plate Covers – Practice station
  6. Water Pitchers / Coffee Pots – Designate a Practice Station
  7. S&P, Sugar/ Cream, Salad Dressings
  8. Centerpiece, Table Numbers, Votive Candles
  9. Miscellaneous
  • Glass and coffee cup racks on dolly
  • Sanitary food safe latex gloves


  1. Bar equipment and supplies should be in special kits

Emergency Supplies/ First Aid Kit

  1. Container with a detailed checklist of all items

Allocate set-up assignments for “trainees”

  • Should mirror a well-organized event


Prepare for Training and Introduction

  1. Beverages and Snacks
  2. Ice / Scoop, Cups, Beverage Napkins
  3. Trashcan