Training Outline


1 Hour prior to call time - Trainers arrive – Set up 

At Call time - Trainees arrive


 Orientation & Administration Requirements (45 minutes)

Welcome - Thank you all for coming!

  • We appreciate you taking time out of your day to attend this training

  • Please note that we communicate in English at all times.

  • The bathrooms are located……..

  • Relax, learn, participate and have FUN…


AYS  New Hire Manual

AYS Employee Hand Book – highlight AYS priority issues

Explain Sign-in process (mirror actual process for events)

  • Write your actual in and out times

  • Write legibly with an ink pen

  • Do not sign in early unless you get approval and a signature

  • Carpools & Metro are encouraged when possible

  • What to do if there is no sign-in sheet

Explain Uniforms and Server Tools (wine key, lighter, pen/ paper, crumber, ID)

Communication procedures and our expectations before you can start working


 Server Training Overview (15 minutes)

Explain how the Training Program will be delivered

  1. Great Banquets Video (25 minutes)

  2. Hands-on Training and YouTube Video review

  • Personal Presentation / Attitude (10 minutes)

  • Room and Table Set-up (20 minutes)

  • Beverage Service (20 minutes)

  • Carrying 3 x Plates and Serving Guests (20 minutes)

  • Clearing and Table Maintenance (20 minutes)

  • Types of Service (40 minutes)

    • Sweep Service  – Ladies First / Timed Sweep

    • Tray Service

    • French Service

Feel free to get a drink or use the restroom at any time - just notify the trainers

We want you to enjoy yourselves, have FUN and ask questions

Always practice the perfect way:      Perfect Practice Makes Perfect